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A reality that allows the most complete functional evaluation of a project.
Calf Spa, together with machining centers and specialized floors, produces, assembles and checks its prototypes of components or complete machines according to the preset standards and specifications of the project.

The aim of this phase is organizing all the necessary elements for a correct management of prototypes, especially in order to define critical characteristics.
If necessary and/or if it is in the contract, a joint analysis with the client is possible during this phase:

  • Initial analysis: define critical elements
  • Final analysis: discuss about the problems found

The technical office collaborates with the assembly floor in order to carry out the activities related to the items.

After having prepared the documents for the product and the process, the technical office goes on with quality check in order to contextualize those problems, by defining plans and check forms for every detail. If it is in the contract, we issue a formal "quality record" or a certificate of conformity. If it is necessary, we realize the equipments designed and validated by the technical office for industrialization.
In the final part of the industrialization process, the first realization gives all the needed elements to verify if it meets the technical, productive and qualitative goals decided in the first phase.
If the product meets the technical/qualitative requirements of initial data, it can be given to the client so that he/she validates it. Validation can be done by an official document or the tacit agreement of the given material.