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Industrialization: feasibility study and offer

The offer request may be done by fax, e-mail and/or phone call. The Sales Department processes the request internally, identifying all the characteristic elements in order to ask the evaluation to the technical office, if needed. Actually, if a product had already been realized, the Sales Department is able to make an offer using the analogy pronciple.
The technical office verifies the technical, economic and qualitative feasibility. If it is necessary, it defines the working cycle and the control plan by drafting the production documents.
The aim is defining quite accurately an economic estimate according to clear technical and qualitative feasibility.

Industrialization: receiving the order

The technical office collects the existing technical documentation to verify that initial data were complete. If they are not, the technical office ask for an integration through COM.

Industrialization: technical and qualitative analysis

The aim of this phase is organizing all the necessary elements for a correct industrialization process, especially in order to define critical characteristics.
If necessary and/or if it is in the contract, a joint analysis with the client is possible during this phase:
  • Initial analysis: define critical elements
  • Final analysis: discuss about the problems found