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MG Mechanical Group

It was founded in 2000 in Montecchio Emilia (RE), from the collaboration of Calf spa and Sintec srl. Its network of resource involves the entire document production, as well as the project analysis.
Its services are integrated with a data interchange system that quickly helps:

  • Realizing your idea or project

Engineers and technicians are involved in the design phase, working in close synergy with the client's technical staff.

  • Checking feasibility, congruences and details of the project

The feasibility study is usually carried out with a first project realized with a 3D CAD design software. This leads to a first functional and aesthetic evaluation of the machine or the sigle part to be design.

  • Realizing prototypes/pre-series and evaluating project problems
  • Studying the production process

The production capacity of the group is characterized by a huge flexibility and it is guaranteed by a fleet of equipment made of both traditional and computer numerical control machines.This allows a quick prototype construction and, consequently, a quick evaluation of the possible problems, as well as a reduction in time for the stufy of the production process.
Our team is made of 14 working units:

  • No. 2 engineers that coordinate and realize projects
  • No. 12 designers that develop and put into practice the solutions found

It has:

  • 14 workstations with PRO/ENGINEER, Inventor 6, GBG, Me10, Solid Works
  • a station for thermal-structural analysis using finite element method
  • 3D simulations of kinematics, mechanical cams, etc.

We manage and monitor every activity thanks to Gest Activity, a software designed and developed by Mechanical Group. A planning activity controls the progress status of every activity and the management of the whole documentation. It also allow the client to have a real-time check of its project progress.