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Our Values

Be passionate about our work
Always be honest with ourselves and clients
Constantly enhance the value added produced by our work
"Care about clients" and "Do the best for them", i.e. "Love clients"
Always keep a positive, constructive behavior
Face difficulties with the "Problem solving" process
Be collaborative with colleagues and contribute to the Team spirit

<< Values are the only base for decoding and understanding a culture, because every culture is organized around the values it believes in. To convince oneself of this, just try to describe a culture without mentioning its values. The description will be a collection of meaningless elements whose only relation is the spatial and temporal coexistence, if you list them in alphabetical order, probably nothing will change: a mere, simple laundress'list >>. (*)
(*) freely quoted and translated from Italian version of "Lila: an inquiry into morals" 1991, Batnam Book. Robert M. Pirsig, author of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” (1974; William Morrow & Company)