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WCM: the path towards the excellence

In 2002 Tetra Pak suggested a pilot project related to integrated Supply Chain.
First among all suppliers, we could not miss this event.
We immediately joined the project, suggesting to host the first pilot project.
This project was conducted by a group of consultants at Tetra Pak and it was aimed at reorganizing the TBA19 area (at that time it was considered a Tetra Pak's strong point).
Q&Oconsulting and especially Mr. Claudio Curcio - who helped us for the reorganization - have been asked to be the internal interface.


Reorganizing spaces (layouts and 5S)
Redefining make-or-buy decisions
Synchronizing the manufacturing phases

Reached goals:
100% on-time deliveries from 2004
Delivery lead time: 10 weekdays
Complaints 0.059 (per unit)