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The reduction of quantities and the quickness in delivery "forced" us to rethink the logic of supply in order to guarantee the reliability and the quality of delivered goods.

This led to the need of internalizing, by setting a «synchronization» approach to the production phases: dedicated machines for each «product typology» so that every «product line» has its own flexible and reliable resources. This is possible thanks to:
dedicated resources: by choosing multi-pallet systems that are always equipped for components in order to work «safely». This is possible because there is at least a pallet in the final part, so that the flow can start again from the beginning to restore materials after usage. This means that the "pipe" where materials flow is always loaded, so that when you need it you only have to turn on the "faucet" ... synchronization of working phases.
multi-functional skills: resources should be able to use every machine in the plant, in order to avoid the creation of different skills and widespread problems. The aim is turning on and off the "pipes" where materials flow and using the machines when you need.