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Our history

CALF Spa was founded by a group of experts in 1960 as a craft company, which industrially developed over the years by widening and consolidating its own production activities.
In 1995, CALF was awarded by NOMISMA for "Individual performance within the Emilia-Romagna system", which is a ranking of the best manufacturing companies: 1990-1994. 1996 edition of the official award "Stability of operating income”.
During the last years, our company hugely invested in improving our structure thanks to a deep change of its fleet of equipment, as well as acquiring other companies in order to increase not only the production, but also design skills and research.
We also developed a coherent organizational and training transformation of our structures, i.e. from a crafting structure to an industrial one with remarkable results.
Calf is constantly researching for technological innovation, a guarantee for a large expansion into national and foreign markets. We are currently developing our industrial activities thanks to the available machine tools and the high technology machining centers of our plants in Montecchio Emilia (RE).
Calf meets the quality standards needed for its products and services, since we developed and implemented a "Quality Management System", according to ISO 9001 (CERMET Certification no. 002 "Quality Management System" awarded on May 9, 1991).
In 2007, Calf and the companies of the group obtained the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system.